What is the purpose of the Academy Charter Support Program for Homeschool Families?
Our desire is to support you in your homeschooling efforts by providing high quality instruction in Science and Spanish and giving you the social and peer support conducive to having a successful homeschool experience.

Does the Homeschool Program provide all of my homeschool curriculum?
No, we only provide curriculum and materials for instruction in science and Spanish. Our curriculum meets, and in most cases, exceeds Colorado and Core Knowledge Standards.  

What curriculum do you use for your program?

  • Kindergarten: Uses a variety of resources to teach a full rich beginning level science class that touches on reading, writing, math and other skills necessary for First Grade.
  • 1st/2nd grades and 3rd/4th grades: use the Second and Fourth grade textbooks from Harcourt School Publishers plus additional resources to enrich the Science class with fun activities, experiments and demonstrations.
  • 5th/6th grades and 7th/8th grades: use Prentice Hall Science Explorer textbooks to get the students familiar with the subject areas, but add numerous activities, experiments, and demonstrations.  
  • Spanish: Uses the Realidades textbook as a guide and enrichment in addition to all the other wonderful activities.
  • Lone Tree Exploratory Elective uses many different resources to touch on several subject areas including but not limited to: cooking, PE, strategy games, art, Young Ameritowne, civics and other fun activities.  

Will my student learn the same things two years in a row?
No, every grade except Kindergarten is on a two year rotation plan so that subject content in the Physical, Earth, and Life Sciences will differ based on if the start of the school year is an even or odd year.  Please refer to our Science Curriculum Overview page

Can my student be enrolled in the homeschool program and another publicly funded program?
No, your student is considered a part time student at Academy Charter School and may not be enrolled in another publicly funded program.

When and where do classes meet?

  • In Castle Rock (8:00-11:00 on Tuesday and Thursday) at Ridgeline Community Church 
  • In Parker (11:45-3:00 on Tuesday and Thursday) at New Beginnings Church
  • In Lone Tree (8:30-12:45 on Tuesday and Thursday)at Word of Life Christian Center
  • In Lone Tree (8:30-3:30 on Wednesday) at Word of Life Christian Center

Are the teachers qualified to teach in Colorado?
Our teachers are licensed and/or highly qualified to teach in Colorado.

Will my student eat lunch and have recess at school?
Lone Tree locations will have a 30 minute lunch and recess break.  All locations will have a healthy snack time each day.  Please provide a full water bottle each day.    

Does my student have to wear a uniform?
No, our students are required to dress appropriately for a school environment, see the Parent Handbook after acceptance into our program. 

Do you keep records?
No, record keeping is your responsibility as the primary homeschool educator. We do regularly send home academic progress reports for your information but these reports are not maintained as a permanent record by Academy Charter Homeschool Program.

What if we take a vacation?
The homeschool student will achieve their greatest benefit by attending all classes. We have a one week “break” scheduled for most months to allow for family activities. The homeschool support program will offer 90 hours of instruction each semester. We will also offer field trips throughout the year for both individual classes and for the whole family, as time allows.

Will my student have work to do outside of the classroom?
Our staff is aware that you also have a very full academic schedule with your homeschool program. Assignments given in class will be expected to be completed during the class period. However, it will be necessary to review content and prepare for tests, especially at the upper grades at home.

Am I expected to volunteer in the classroom?
No, we understand this time is valuable to you as a homeschool parent. The door is always open for you to visit your child’s classroom and you are certainly welcome to help as needed, but there are no volunteer requirements.

Can my student participate in Academy Charter activities?
Yes, there are many school activities your child may participate in at ACS such as band and  sports. Homeschool students must follow the same guidelines for participation as full time ACS students.

Does my student have priority in the ACS lottery?
Yes, ACS homeschool students have priority after children of ACS staff and siblings of full time ACS students.

How do I put my student into the program?
Please fill out the online Lottery Registration Form found on this website under the Homeschool tab.  www.academycharter.org. The link is active mid November for the following school year. 

You can email questions to the Homeschool Director Debbie Leinweber at [email protected].

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