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WHAT is a Charter School?

A charter school is a public school which is funded with taxpayer money and at no extra cost. It is operated by parents, educators and community members. The local school district must approve the “charter,” based upon the charter school's proposal. Charter schools are open to anyone, are non-sectarian and non-religious and do not discriminate in their admission policies. Charter schools are directly responsible to the local school district and must also meet or exceed state academic standards.

WHY were charter schools created?

Parents were looking for an alternative to the services provided by neighborhood schools. They were usually motivated by the perception that their child was at risk, either by "falling through the cracks" and/or in their view, not being academically challenged. There was considerable frustration about not being heard and responded to, by the "system." The Charter School Act created in 1993 by Governor Roy Romer, enabled parents to take their child's education into their own hands along with the work, risk and responsibility to provide this education for them at or above district standards.

WHAT can I expect for a Curriculum at Academy Charter School?

We use E. D. Hirsch's Core Knowledge series for instruction in grades K-8. ACS also utilizes programs such as the Saxon Math Curriculum, Wonders reading program, along with students reading Core Knowledge recommended literature and utilizing various other supplemental curriculum. In math, students are assessed and grouped according to their mastery levels. In reading and writing, we assess to find each child's individual instructional level, and teach them at their level. In addition to the regular classroom subjects, students will also study Physical Education, Music, Art, Spanish, Science and Technology in grades K-5, and Spanish, Science and Technology in grades 6-8.

Special education services are provided for students with Mild/Moderate needs, as they would be in any of the district schools.

At our Middle School level, ACS offers many extra-curricular activities. We also have a sports program, currently offering boys and girls basketball, boys and girls volleyball, boys and girls soccer, as well as co-ed cross country and track and field and spirit team. They will participate in games here at our school and other charter and private schools.

HOW is Academy Charter School different from neighborhood schools?

Students are required to wear uniforms as regulated by a dress code which reinforces the academic atmosphere and our Code of Conduct, emphasizing respect for individuals and property. Class size is smaller than most schools, averaging 22 students per teacher in the elementary grades and 24 students per teacher in the middle school grades. The use of Instructional Assistants allows for smaller groups, further reducing student/teacher ratios. Parent involvement plays a great part at ACS, through active volunteerism at the school and monitoring of homework at home. In addition to the regular program, ACS provides a home school support program 2 days a week for grades K-8. This program instructs home school students for three hours 2 days a week to supplement what the parents are teaching at home.

The school follows a traditional calendar. ACS's Governing Board is comprised of seven parents voted to the position by the parent population and the School Leaders. The Governing Board establishes school policy which the School Leaders carry out.

WHAT other benefits would my child gain from attending Academy Charter School?

Because of the smaller class sizes, all students are known individually by our staff. Homework is part of the general academic expectations for our students.

Respect and responsibility are a part of our daily school life. We also teach our students about character education with our Core Virtues program

ACS also has a unique management policy for students. In grades K-8 the expectations are the same, so students always know what is expected of them in all areas of the school. The number one rule - If you cause a problem, you will be asked to solve it. Consequences for problems are uniquely handled as each student's issue is individually addressed. If a behavior is one that is repeated or falls into the category of a serious infraction, then students may receive an escalated consequence. Parents will either be called or emailed letting them know of the situation.

WHO can enroll at ACS?

Any child who resides in Douglas County can enroll at ACS. As a public school, there is no tuition. New enrollee's in grades 1-8th may fill out an Intent to Enroll for the upcoming school year starting November 1st through first week of January. New Kindergarten students may fill out an Intent to Enroll starting November 1st through first week of December. The lottery for kindergarten students will be in the beginning of December and the lottery for students in grades 1-8 will be held in the beginning of January which will then set the initial wait list for the upcoming school year. Please check Enrollment Info page for accurate dates.

HOW do I contact ACS?

Please call us at 303-660-4881. We look forward to hearing from you! See the difference ACS can make in your child's life!

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