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For currently enrolled students: Parents wishing to re-enroll their child in Academy Charter School must complete a Re-Enrollment Form by January 15th each year in order to retain their child’s enrollment status. A vacancy is created when fewer children are re-enrolled than each class’s capacity. As vacancies occur in currently enrolled classes, those vacancies will be filled using a lottery system.

New student enrollees: New enrollees for the upcoming year will be drawn by lottery from an enrollment pool. Openings will be filled on a class-by-class basis from the lottery lists.

The First round of the lottery has been completed.  Forms are now being accepted for the second round of enrollments. The lottery will be drawn on November 30th and will set initial enrollment wait lists for the upcoming year. Calls will be made the week of December 3rd for the first round of enrollments. A second round of enrollment calls will start the week of February 4th. Forms will continue to be accepted after November 30th to be included in the second round of enrollment calls.

Online Enrollment Form

Exceptions: Priority must be given to the following classes of students:

• Children of paid employees (not to exceed 10% of enrollment)
• Siblings of currently enrolled students
• Alumni

School Entrance Requirements

All pupils entering kindergarten in the Douglas County public schools must have reached their fifth (5th) birthday in the year of entrance on or before October 1. Students entering first grade must have reached their sixth (6th) birthday by October 1. Birth certificates (immunization records and proof of residency) must be presented at the time of enrollment.

Wait List Policies

The following policy will exist for filling open student spots during the school year.

1.  A wait list of employee’s children and siblings is established for each grade K-8. Priority is given to employee’s children first and siblings according to the date the sibling enrolled.
2.  The names of the children who filled out a current Intent to Enroll form will all be assigned a number. The numbers will then be pulled on a lottery basis and a list in order of lottery preference will be established for each grade level. This list will be valid until the next lottery is done.
3.  As spaces become open in the ACS program, the first preference will be given to children on the priority lists. If spaces remain after all the children on the priority lists have been exhausted, then the spot will be offered to the first name on the lottery list for that grade level. (See #2)
4.  As a child gains admission to ACS, any sibling he or she may have will be added to the bottom of the sibling list for their particular grade.
5.  Each year all persons currently on the lottery wait list need to re-apply during the enrollment period. This application will enable their child to participate in the lottery for the next school year. The only exception to this rule is the children who are on the priority lists will remain there until they receive admission to the school. No additional form will be required of them.
6.  Any new family can fill out an intent to enroll form to be included in the lottery for the next school year. If a family comes in to enroll after the lottery has been drawn, they will be placed on the bottom of the lottery list.

Information about Kindergarten Classes offered:

• Full Day - 5 days a week
• Half Day - 5 days a week, no tuition
(ACS will not offer a half-day option after the 2019-2020 school year.

Non-discrimination Policy

Students shall be considered for admission into Academy Charter School without regard to race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion, ancestry, disability or need for special education.

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