Governing Board Elections


SECTION I – TIME AND MANNER: Elections of Board members will be held annually on the third Tuesday of April. At this time, other matters that are determined by the Board to be submitted for voter approval may also be voted on by eligible voters. Votes may be cast in person or by absentee ballot at the school. Elections shall be conducted using authorized secret ballots. Votes will be accepted during school office hours from the third Tuesday in April until the Friday in the same week in April. Votes shall be tallied upon the close of voting and the results published by an election committee made up of eligible voters appointed by the Board, including a Board member and an employee designated by the School Leader. Every vote cast shall be counted unless, prior to the close of voting, it is challenged by an eligible voter on the ground that his vote was cast without authorization by his child’s other parent or legal guardian. The election results shall become a permanent record of the school.

SECTION 2 – NOMINATIONS TO THE BOARDNot later than the last Tuesday of March, eligible voters shall be notified of the date of the next Board election, of the qualification for the Board positions then open, that candidates must complete written applications for submission to voters, of the procedure for obtaining such application, and that completed applications will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. on the Wednesday preceding the third Tuesday of April. The Board shall prescribe the form of the application. The names of qualified candidates will be placed on the ballot upon timely receipt of a completed application and the school shall distribute such completed applications to eligible voters. The school shall not otherwise communicate with voters regarding, or on behalf of, any candidate.

SECTION 3 – ELIGIBLE VOTERSThe “director voting group” is hereby formed.  The term “eligible voters” as used in these bylaws means members of the director voting group. The director voting group shall consist of each parent or legal guardian of every child currently enrolled in the school and all paid employees of the school.  Each member of the director voting group shall have one vote regardless of the number of children enrolled in the school and of the basis of eligibility, except that the parent or legal guardian of a child having only one parent or legal guardian shall have two votes.  Membership in the director voting group shall terminate automatically for a parent or legal guardian when the parent or legal guardian no longer has a child enrolled in the school and for an employee of the school when such employment terminates.  

SECTION 4 – NOTICE: Whenever notice to eligible voters is given or required to be given under these Bylaws, such notice shall be sufficient if given by the school’s normal means of communicating with all parents and staff, and the school shall have no obligation to separately notify parents or staff who, through no action of the school lack access to such means of communication.

SECTION 5 – INSUFFICIENT QUALIFIED APPLICANTS: In the event that an insufficient number of applications for election are received to fill the vacant Board positions, the Governing Board may appoint select qualified individuals to these positions any time following the regular elections. The vote for these positions will be as soon as practical upon a position not being filled in the regular election. The term for such appointed individuals shall be a full three-year term, unless previously agreed by the Board and individual. The Board may instead fill the vacancy by directing that a special election be held for that purpose on terms prescribed by the Board. In any such special election, all eligible voters shall be entitled to vote. Vacancies that occur other than due to lack of applicants for a regularly scheduled election shall be filled in accordance with Section 4, Article II above.

The link to submit an application will be updated prior to the election process and will be posted here. Therefore, applications will only be accessible during election years.
Governing Board Election Application
Governing Board Election Procedures

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