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Mrs. Arnell

I've been a part of the ACS family since 2001 as a parent and Governing Board member. This is my 17th year as the ACS Physical Education Teacher and Athletic Director. Sports are my passion!

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K-8 Physical Education

The Physical Education program at Academy Charter School wants to promote good health and fitness both in and outside of school. We consider our parents partners in encouraging daily physical exercise and proper nutrition. Developing a life-long habit of fitness and health is our goal for each student.

Students are taught according to their developmental level in relation to Douglas County and Colorado State Standards. Concepts of body control, fundamental movement skills and following rules are practiced through activities, exercises, rhythmic activities, games and sports. Learning and developing sports skills, practicing cooperation and teamwork and displaying good sportsmanship are crucial elements to our program.

Students will be graded on:
1. Skills-the physical skills that are required for that unit. Students are expected to perform at the appropriate developmental level and continue to improve their skills.

2. Participation- giving best effort, wearing the proper footwear/attire, level of cooperation, willingness to participate. Points will be deducted for shoes that are not
tied properly or for non-athletic shoes and a warning will be given.

3. Behavior-respect, manners, self-control, attitude and sportsmanship. Following
procedures and rules in class is expected.

4. Written assignments-(Middle School) tests and assignments that directly relate to
units in fitness, sports, nutrition, etc.

1. come into the gym quietly
2. find your spot
3. warm-up and stretch
4. respectfully listen to instructions
5. help with equipment when asked
6. upon leaving, line up quietly

Rule- Do not interfere with others’ learning
This includes the following:
1. respect yourself and others
2. quietly listen to instruction
3. be prepared for class
4. ask before leaving the gym
5. have a positive attitude
6. be constructive to our learning environment

All 5th grade students are encouraged to change clothes for PE,
but it is not a requirement.

All 6th, 7th & 8th grade students are REQUIRED to change clothes for their electives.


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