ACS Geocaching

Welcome to our
ACS Geocaching Page! 

We have a fun activity for you and your family to do this summer as the temperatures rise and you have time to get our and enjoy all that Castle Rock has to offer!  Castle Rock is home to over 95 miles of trails and 6000 acres of open space, so we want you to get out and hit those trails! As added incentive we have hidden ACS Eagle Geocaches on
several of the trails! 

Can you guys find all the Eagles!? 

When you find a Eagle post a selfie with it online and hashtag us at #ACSGEOCACHING or email us your photos at [email protected] 
We want to see what you find! 

Remember, you don't need to touch the caches, there is nothing in them, just take a quick picture and send it in to show us what you found. 

Watch the video about how to ACS Geocache and then click on a trail below to get your coordinates and clues. You can print or screen shot the information for your caching journey. 

Mitchell Creek Canyon Trail

Hangman's Gulch Trail 

Rock Park "The Rock" Trail

Native Legend Trail 

"The Meadows" Trail

Plum Creek/Greenway Trail

East Plum Creek Trail

Adventure is out there, you just
have to go looking for it.

Happy Geocaching! 


For questions about acs geocaching email us at [email protected]